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About Us

About Us
Viona Corset
 is an online corset shop that offers authentic steel boned corsets for women.

Viona Corset Home of Authentic Steel Boned Corset is subsidiary of Corset Fashionista , founded by Mr. Gorakh Rai. It is one of the leading brands engaged in manufacturing and providing an array of the finest quality authentic ladies’ corsets. Our range includes Authentic Steel Boned Corsets, Steampunk Corsets, Gothic Corsets and wide variety of Corset Dresses. Our brand aims to cater to the world’s 56% population of women who want it to be special for the special moments of their lives.

Viona Corset initiated their manufacturing in 2010 and have grown to be a leading garment and accessories manufacturer with their consumer base in India. The company is now set to venture out internationally to introduce our  “Look Gorgeous” theme to the world. We have been able to enhance feminine grace & elegance with our luxury corsets and aim to share this at a global scale.

Our Goal
We believe that you are beautiful. Our goal is to bring
the femme fatale in you to “Look Gorgeous”
 . It is mission to create clothing that not only compliments but celebrates the artistry of the woman. We believe in consumer satisfaction, hence we take utmost care in creating the finest quality of garments that compliments the upcoming trends in fashion.

 Mr. Gorakh Rai started this business with his team in year of 2010.  It was a very humble beginning, yet with the help of the ideas of likeminded individuals, who love to innovate and put their creative best, value the main principles of celebrating the woman in every new design we produce.


-To all of you, from all of us at Viona Corset

Thank You