Be yourself inside Your Corset

Corsets have become an indispensible part of fashionistas across the globe. Hence, designers have curated an array of different corsets for different body types, in different designs and using different materials. To know which corset defines you, and accentuates your personality is the key to choosing the right corset.

Productive Utility

Corsets are known to enhance the overall look of the attire however there are various other utilities, for which corsets are known. Corsets can be mixed-and-matched with other garments to get a completely unique look altogether. The best part about corsets is that it can be worn on different occasions, such as cocktail parties, weddings, rock concerts, get together as well as formal & business parties. But that not all; corsets can also help you get that perfect hourglass figure! Waist trainers and fitness corsets help you get in shape and also correct your posture.

Elegance of Materials

Corsets for different purposes are made from a variety of materials. For fashion corsets, usually soft fabrics like linen, velvet, taffeta, satin and silk are used. Not only they feel good on the skin but also look plush and luxurious. Waist trainers and fitness corsets are made of fabrics such as latex, cotton and hybrid fabrics. Sometimes, lace and leather is also used for design and look.

Immaculate Design

Corsets are shaped by using boning steel, plastic, nylon, rigilene & cinchers. Steel bones usually are available in two variants: straight and spiral. Fashion corsets have a vast array of design options including accessories such as ribbons, buttons and belts. Corsets too can be plaited or sleek. Double boning and riveting are also common in the modern fashion. Underbust Style, Gothic, Burlesque Punk, Floral, Corset dresses and Plus sized are some of the designs available in the markets.

Individual Taste

One can choose from a variety of styles and designs to suit their individual tastes. Some go for gothic and punk, while others choose floral or burlesque. The universe of corsets has many options and one is just as good as the other. Hence, it is up to you, the wearer to choose the styles that defines you. However when it comes to choosing according to utility, you need to know about which style would be suitable for you.

Here are some tips on how to choose your corset.

Overbust style:

For more coverage, choose overbust corset as this particular type of corset style covers the top, from the breasts to the hem of the hips. It come is both variants; with straps or without straps. They’re a fad and are generally made into lingerie and costumes. Choose overbust corsets if you want to cover more skin, or wear on its own.

Underbust  style:

For a more subtle look, go for an underbust. Underbust corsets usually start under the hem of the bust and come down to the hips. Underbust corsets are a convenient option because the only thing they require is waist measurements. They are also quite useful as waist cinchers used as undergarments, yet can also be worn on the outside of clothes.

Bustier Style:

For a casual look, choose a bustier. Bustiers are like corsets, but are more affordable and are easier to wear. They offer similar looks, but will not have true boning, or no boning at all. They can be worn as lingerie or just as a cool costume. They don’t offer support as traditional corsets do; hence a casual look is perfect with bustiers.

For a more permanent effect, choose a waist trainer. Waist trainers are the type of corset that are worn to alter  and shape the arrangement of your body to provide a better shape and posture for the waist and overall body. In order to see a more permanent effect, waist trainers must be used over regularly and over extended periods. Waist training requires persistence and a high quality, well-fitted corset.

Corsets come in different variants. Some are worn as garments in the form of corset dresses, some as fashion accessories such as gothic and punk corsets some as undergarments and others such as fitness and waist training corsets to for a flawless figure. It is due to this, it is really important to figure out, which corset do you need and what type of corsets fit your requirements. Things are pretty easy after you decide which corset to wear.