We all know that there are a number of traditions associated with St. Patrick’s Day, such as devouring the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage and binging on green beer, Guinness with friends, family and loved ones.  But there is one more tradition that has been associated with the holiday, i.e., wearing green outfits or leprechaun costumes.

There are various theories as to why wearing green dresses and outfits are worn on this day. It is believed that originally, the colour blue was associated with St Patrick’s Day, but over time it was replaced by green. The tradition of donning green outfits on St. Patrick’s Day began in the 17th century when people of Ireland work shamrocks and ribbons to commemorate their patron St. Patrick. Another tradition of pinching people who didn’t wear green on March 17th is still prevalent. It is done to remind the people wearing other coloured outfits that the mischievous leprechauns can sneak up on them at any time.

Another reason of wearing green in the occasion is because Ireland is also known as ‘The Emerald Isle’, the clover that the patron saint used in his sermons and the colour used in the Irish flag, is all green.

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