Steel boned corset is among the various corsets that make for an excellent and highly effective choice for waist training. This classic style corset provides most substantial waist-trimming results and helps you get into the flawless shape that you desire.
With state-of-the-art fabrics and intricate ornamentation these corsets are perfect for festivals, occasions and parties. 

Viona Corset has been hunting across the globe for the finest designers and materials in order to bring you this amazing selection of steel boned corsets in all sorts of shapes, colours, designs, and sizes. There are plenty of skirts, matching with the corset dresses you can buy from Viona Corset.

Steel boned corset is featured with spiral steel bones which are distributed all around the corset. It also offers flat steel bones which are located at the back of the corset to offer subtle support and body shaping. However, the corsets in this array have the capability to axe your natural waist size by almost up to 3-4” inches when properly laced up. The bones specially placed under cotton twill casing on the inside of the corset will help you preserve complete comfort while wearing the outfit, leaving you to smoothly glide around the room with your stunning new hourglass shape. All bones are usually placed under a polyester casing to provide extra strength.

Also, these corset dresses are attributed with fabric layers, cotton twill, polyester outings, which are blended for strength. Suspender loops are attached to these corsets to provide better hold and equivalence. Each one of these dresses comes with a modesty panel which is up to 6 inches wide. This will hide the skin at the back (in case you don’t wish to show off too much of your skin) and have really strong steel busk closures.

Give your body a stunning figure with these steel boned corset and waist cinchers. These corset dresses are specially designed to suit you and your lifestyle. Adding waist exercise to your daily roster has never been as easier. If you desire for a perfect shape and a body without blemishes, this is all you need.

Choosing the right steel boned corset has always been a difficult choice to make, therefore, for waist training, and for the most considerable outputs, the under-bust steel-boned corset is your best choice. Generally, you want to choose a size that is 4-5 inches smaller than your natural waist (if you have a 26-inch waist, choose 21 or 22-inch size). Your normal waist is where it bends when you bend your torso to either side.

The array of corsets are best in their league in addition to being affordable. So without wasting your precious time, go ahead and get your favourites with Viona Corset’s vast collection of corset dresses.